Arctic Midnight Sun


This trip is only possible during the summer season, from May until August. During the winter season it is not possible to travel on a ship in the arctic because of the ice. It is an amazing experience to be on a ship for 10 days looking for wildlife and admiring the stunning arctic landscape.


We only work with one company that takes a maximum of 20 people on board. Smaller ships are better for the environment and cause less impact on the environment & wildlife.

Usually on this trip we have the tour leader and two guides. You will be going on a zodiac almost every day and doing walks onland. Also you can walk around the ship at any time. Workshops with videos about wildlife are also part of this trip to all on board. 


Throughout the summer, most of the mammals and all the birds have been going through their breeding cycle. The snow has melted back, and much of the ice too – providing the wildlife with rich feeding opportunity. In August, there are more animals in Svalbard than at any other time. During our cruise, we will see many juvenile birds – proof that the summer was a success. The young ivory gulls are easily recognizable by the dark spotting in their otherwise white feathers. There will be young seals, reindeer and foxes around too. If the ice allows us to travel far to the east, we shall see numerous baby walrus with their mothers.

Polar bears are present year round in Svalbard. In the fall, the cubs of the year are about 8 months old, still with their mothers. Those cubs that have reached 2,5 years of age are off on their own for the first time in their lives. Sometimes we meet these young, newly independent bears – they are often extra inquisitive. Where we see polar bears depends a lot on the sea ice. Some years, there is still a lot of sea ice in Aug/Sep, meaning that we find the bears there. Other times, the sea ice has melted back so far that many bears are stranded on shore for the summer. In such years, we can travel far to the east and northeast, and here we often see bears roaming the shores, or riding small icebergs.

The fall is usually a good month to see whales. Fins, Minke’s, humpbacks blue whales are feeding hectically during this month. It is also during this part of the season we sometimes see white-beaked dolphins, and the harp seals are often found in large flocks too.

Even though we still have almost 24-hour daylight, the sun is low on the horizon for several hours each day. This gives us opportunity to enjoy some fantastic light conditions, with the sky and the sea and the ice often glowing yellow, orange, red and golden.

We shall be using the small, but strong and ice-strengthened ship to position ourselves daily for the best possible wildlife encounters, photographic opportunities and landings. We will make a number of walks across the tundra, watching the reindeer feed, the geese and terns flocking up for migration, and the autumn colours unfolding. We shall also be going out in the Zodiacs, to explore wildlife, glacier fronts and coastal scenery up close.

Because the weather always changes, the location of the ice is unpredictable. The wildlife is – just that – wild! What will ensure a unique and extraordinary experience for all participants is the expertise and enthusiasm of the guides and the crew combined with everybody’s flexibility and expeditionary spirit.

Amazing to experience 24 hours of daylight during your 10 days traveling on a cruise in the Arctic region

Please contact us to book this trip and also if you have any further question. 

Prices from USD 5.900 up to USD 6.900



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