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We work with only one company in Svalbard that are focused on a ecological and responsible tourism. They arrived in Svalbard in 1998, setting up their first lodge the way trappers would have, using drift wood, tar paper and recycling materials. Since then, they have continually expanded a successfully presence in Spitsbergen offering unique world class destinations. 

Despite its history of coal mining and trapping, Svalbard is primary pristine wilderness, one of the most fragile ecosystem anywhere. It is important for us as tourism tour operators, clients, etc on the Arctic Archipelago, to take care of the fragile arctic nature. 


The trips in Svalbard are possible all year around. The activities will change depending on the different seasons. Activities that you can experience on your trip to Svalbard are: hiking, boating, dog sledging, snowmobiling and skiing. Sleep outs around Svalbard are possible by boat during summer and by snowmobiling during winter. By the end of October the last sun rays below the horizon and Svalbard heads towards a period of darkness. For more than two months, between mid-November and the end of January, darkness prevails around the clock. During the darkest times, there is no telling if it is mid day or mid night. When the sky is clear, stars light up the sky. Northern lights and full moon bounce their light from the snow covered and all of a sudden thedoes not seem as complete. By February the light returns slowly. Light blue, pink and colors paint up the Finally the sun hits the first mountain peaks.

You can experience many arctic adventures with ecological principles including five eco lodges in Svalbard. Their operations are largely defined by exceptional beautiful scenery and extraordinary outdoor adventures, including encounters with the polar bears and other rare arctic wildlife. 

During the darkest time of the year, between November and January, is possible to see the Northern Lights

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Price per person / per night: from USD 350



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